Coronavirus Updates

COVID 19 Information & Support

During this challenging time we are here to support the community. Please follow this page for all news and updates we release during the Coronavirus pandemic.

Updated 07 January 2021

Following our entry in Lockdown 3 in England, as a pastoral leadership team we have decided to pause our in person meetings and bookings at Arkholme for the time being. We have weighed up all matters regarding the mental, spiritual and physical wellbeing of those who could be attending. Any decision taken on this matter isn’t easy - as it’s likely that we can all have differing views, which could cause personal disappointment. We are planning to continue to provide virtual alternatives to the best of our abilities as we genuinely want to meet the needs of our church family and even local community in these challenging times for all of us.

We will also be continuing online services on the Carnforth Free Methodist Church YouTube channel at 10:30 on Sundays. 

Don't hesitate to reach out to us for help or, if you are in a position to, offer your support. For emergency Food Bank parcels please ring 07583 424127
For help with food/ meds pick-up, prayer or if you are isolated and want to talk with someone please call 01539 736141 or email


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