Challenging Injustice

Cristi Murgu Uncategorized

Notes for begining 15 November 2021

Read together Nehemiah 5

  1. If we use the words ‘injustice’ and ‘exploitation’- what comes into your minds?
  2. We find it easy to point the finger, but what does greed look like in our own lives?
  3. Why was this a crisis point for God’s people?
  4. Imagine a scenario where Nehemiah ignored the problem – where could that have led to?
  5. The guilty people respond well (v.13) – how can we learn to be responsive when challenged by God’s Word?
  6. Is it important that leaders set an example? Give some Biblical examples, both positive and negative?
  7. Think of 3 practical ways in which we cultivate generosity and hospitality instead of greed and exploitation – through our lifestyles.