Soul Boosters for Hard Times

Cristi Murgu Uncategorized


Days like these and this time of the year — they all feel like a post-marathon breather (not that I have any idea what that would feel like physically). Yes, there is a sense of relief and achievement spiked by some tiredness and regret.

It’s a time to slow down and reflect. A chance to recalibrate expectations, schedules and give our souls a chance to catch-up with our bodies perhaps.

Here are some beautifully penned words from the Puritan pastor Richard Baxter (1615–1691):

‘He can deliver me from myself
and the noise I’ve welcomed into my life.
He can bring stillness and give abiding.
He delights in his children — in who you are more
than what you could ever do for him
or have done against him.
And he does it because of his steadfast love.
Oh — that we would know it!
That the love of God would quiet our hearts
and cure us from the addiction to movement,
the want of approval
and the fear of quiet.’