Comforting Confidence

Cristi Murgu Life Group Notes

Psalm 23

* In what ways were you encouraged by the message?
* In what ways were you challenged by the message?

Psalm 23

* What do you find most challenging about the current situation?
* In what ways does David’s life of challenges compare with yours right now?
* Why would confidence in either ourselves or others be dangerous?
* Can you recall past evidences of God’s faithfulness in your life?Take time to consider them and praise Him for that.
* How can you make room in your current routine to find rest and nourishment from the Good shepherd? Think of some practical ways to organise your life around that.
* Can you recall a personal moment of surrendering your life to the good shepherd? If not, do it now. If yes, celebrate that moment with gratitude.
* Is there a way to test ourselves and prove that Jesus really is our Shepherd (Mark 6:34; John 10:11-14, 27; 1 Peter 2:25)?
* What attitudes (do’s & don’t’s) do I need to have to make sure that the Shepherd can direct me?
* Can you think of some creative ways – while in ‘lockdown’ mode – through which you can encourage others in your relational circle to discover Jesus as the Good Shepherd?

* What changes will I make to my life after this message?