This is Us | Overflow Church

Cristi Murgu Connect Groups Notes

Read together Isaiah 6:1-8 and discuss:
  1. What’s your most dramatic spiritual encounter?
  2. Have you ever had an experience in which you were overcome by God’s presence, in which you were “undone” by God’s presence?
  3. Isaiah’s response to God’s revelation of his holiness was, “Woe is me.” What is your response – confronted with His holiness? 
  4. In what ways do you need to be refined by the fire of God’s holiness? 
  5. What aspect of God as described here causes you to worship him more fully?
  6. Can you see any evidence that Jesus Himself lived an overflow life?
  7. How would you sum up the ‘overflow culture’ we want to embrace at CFM in your own words?